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Meet with customers on the user-friendly and secure Vixly video service or on-premise.


Let your customers rate and provide feedback on your consultations.

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For further details about the platform, see Features, Demos and Solutions.

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You may submit up to 3 of your services for consideration in the following Marketplace categories:


Career, executive, life, sales and other coaching services.


Family, health, mental, youth and other counseling services.


Conditioning, fitness, PT, yoga and other wellness services.


Cognitive, couple, family, relational, and other therapy services.


Language, math, music, science and other tutoring services.


Vixly is used across a wide range of verticals and categories.

Any Marketplace submission is subject to our quality control and consideration, and we reserve the right to refuse any submission for any reason.

You may use the Vixly platform without listing your services on the Marketplace (customers can book services directly from your Vixly page).

What do I pay?

The monthly subscription costs less than a couple of coffees (in many places) and can replace your scheduling subscription AND your video meeting subscription.

Personal (1 user)
$7.99 $4.99*

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Accept payments via Stripe:
6% 5%* + Stripe fees
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Access to all features

Unlimited use

Accept payments via Stripe:
6% 5%* + Stripe fees
* Discounted price and fee guaranteed when starting the subscription within the 30-day trial period.
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